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planetary gears also refer as epicyclic gearing consisting three components sun gear, planet gear and ring gear. Sun gear is situated at the center that transmits torque to planet gears orbiting around sunlight gear. Both systems can be found inside the ring equipment. In the toothed formation sun and world gears are externally mesh and ring gear internally meshes.
Planetary gear is situated in many variation and plans to meet up a broad selection of speed-ratio in the deign requirements. Planetary equipment system is make use of in varies applications such as, clocks, lunar calendar, car mirror, toys, gearhead electric motor, turbine engine and more.
For details understanding on the planetary
Planetary gear system will no assemble unless the amount of teeth in each equipment is selected properly.
Planetary spur gear drive ratio 5:1 means sunlight gear must make 5 revolutions for every revolution of the result carrier.
Željeni broj zuba u sunčanici je 24.
Zahtjevi za dizajn:
Ratio = 5:1
Sun gear = 24
Modul = 1
Since, I am working in the metric unit every dimension will maintain mm. Choosing gears in metric device the gear tooth profile of the spur equipment will maintain Module.
M = modul
N = Broj zuba
Nr = Količina zubaca na trakasti zupčanik
Pd = promjer koraka
R = Omjer
PDs=N/M=24/1=24mm Eq. 01
Prečnik nagiba opreme za sunčevu svjetlost je 24.
Calculate the number if teeth required in the ring gear for the ratio 5:1.
R=1+Nr/Pd Eq. 02
Riješiti za br
Nr=Pd (R-1)=24(5-1)=24(4)=96 teeth
Pitch diameter of the ring gear with 96 teeth and 1 module is.
Pd=Nr/M Eq. 03 Pd=96/1=96mm
Pitch diameter of the planet gears should be found from.
Number of the teeth in the planet gears may now become found from.
PDp=N/M Eq. 04 36mm=N/1 è 36mm (1)=N è N =36 teeth
R=1+Nr/P_D =1+96/24=1+4=5
Omjer je 5: 1, koliko je bio potreban dizajn.
Prednosti upotrebe motora sa planetarnom opremom u vašim projektima
There are numerous types of geared motors that can be used in search for the perfect movement within an engineering project. Considering the technical specs, the required performance or space limitations of our design, you should consider to use one or the other. In this article we will delve on the planetary equipment motors or epicyclical gear, so you will know thoroughly what its advantages are and find out some successful applications.
The planetary gear models are seen as a having gears whose disposition is quite different from other models like the uncrowned end, cyclical (step by step) or spur and helical gears. How could we classify their elements?
Sun: The central equipment. It has a larger size and rotates on the central axis.
The earth carrier: Its objective is to hold up to 3 gears of the same size, which mesh with the sun gear.
Crown or ring: an outer ring (with teeth on its inner aspect) meshes with the satellites and contains the complete epicyclical train. Furthermore, the core may also become a middle of rotation for the outer ring, allowing it to easily change directions.
For accuracy and reliability, many automated transmissions currently use planetary equipment motors. If we discuss sectors this reducer offers great versatility and can be used in completely different applications. Its cylindrical form is easily adaptable to thousands of areas, ensuring a sizable reduction in an extremely contained space.
Regularly this type of drives can be utilized in applications that want higher degrees of precision. For instance: Industrial automation machines, vending machines or robotics.
Koje su glavne prednosti planetarnih motora?
Increased repeatability: Its greater speed radial and axial load offers reliability and robustness, minimizing the misalignment of the gear. In addition, uniform tranny and low vibrations at different loads give a perfect repeatability.
Ideal precision: Most rotating angular stability enhances the accuracy and reliability of the motion.
Lower noise level because there is more surface contact. Rolling is a lot softer and jumps are virtually nonexistent.
Greater durability: Due to its torsional rigidity and better rolling. To boost this feature, your bearings help reduce the losses that would take place by rubbing the shaft on the package directly. Thus, greater effectiveness of the apparatus and a much smoother operation is achieved.
Very good levels of efficiency: Planetary reducers provide greater efficiency and because of its design and internal layout losses are minimized during their work. Actually, today, this kind of drive mechanisms are those that provide greater efficiency.
Improved torque transmission: With more teeth connected, the mechanism will be able to transmit and endure more torque. In addition, it can it in a more uniform manner.
Maximum versatility: The mechanism is within a cylindrical gearbox, which may be installed in nearly every space.
The construction of the planetary reducer lends itself to numerous advantages, for example:
Planetary reducers give you high torque in a concise package; sharing the strain between several world gears allows the reducer to handle the same torque that larger parallel axis gear units handle.
Oni su vrlo efikasni u pojedinačnim fazama, obično 95% efikasni.
These reducers give ratios as high as 11:1 to be performed within a stage, whereas, it is hard to achieve much higher than 5:1 within a parallel axis stage.
Budući da sunčani zupčanik kontaktira više svjetskih zupčanika, nivo otpornosti na elastične deformacije veći je kod planetarnih zupčanika od paralelnih osovinskih zupčanika, što planetarnom reduktoru daje visoku torzijsku krutost.
They enable coaxial alignment, meaning no offset output shaft in relation to the motor shaft.
The output shaft upon Planetary reducers rotates in the same direction since the engine without needing an idler gear, since in a parallel axis equipment set.
Planetary reducers are perfect for intermittent duty applications but also can be used in constant duty applications.
Finally, Ever-Power planetary’s possess an integrated housing, meaning the ring gear is integrated into the external housing for the gearbox, adding to the robusticity.
Compared to the benefits of the planetary reducers, the drawbacks are minimal for some applications for instance:
High ratio of length to diameter when working with multiple stages (gearhead will get very long).
Possibly high cost if low backlash, high precision gearing is required.
Određeni broj zubaca zupčanika neophodni su jednako raspoređeni planeti (jednostavnost montaže) i ublažavanje buke.
The gear ratio determines just how many planet gears may be used.
You should look at planetary reducers when designing for applications requiring high torques in a little package with an result shaft must be co-axially aligned with the engine.
Pregled proizvoda
Upotreba proizvoda:
All Ever-Power gearboxes require grease for proper operation and extended life. We recommend using our red tacky grease, am-2768. We also motivate that the user powers the gearbox continuously for 30 minutes without grease to allow the apparatus teeth to use in. While we do design with short run occasions at heart, this ‘run in’ period for smooth gearbox operation, is recommended. Once this is completed, thorough grease of the apparatus teeth periodically to ensure smooth operation.
Solitary speed planetary gearbox, with the same installation and output interface as a 2.5″ CIM motor. Each planet gear has its bearing to spin freely on the carrier plate pins. A 2.5″ CIM Motor could also be used as the motor input, but needs this pinion equipment ( am-0556) and a CIM Spacer (am-0555).
Ulaz motora:
Motor 9015 stane na ovaj mjenjač
550 motora stane na ovaj prenosnik
2.5″ CIM Motor could be installed, with a bored-out sun gear and a spacer
Uključeni hardver:
Dva kuglična ležaja od 8 mm, (od 19 mm, od 22 mm) noseće izlazno vratilo
Jedan - Čelični svijet i sunčani zupčanici, 32 dp, 20 nivoa pa
Pet - Planet zupčanici (12 zuba)
Jednostruka oprema za sunčanje od 15 zuba, s otvorom od 0.125 inča
Jedan - 40 zupčanih zupčanika
Podaci o učinku:
(s uvidom u motor 9015)
Ulazni napon: 12 volti
Moment zaustavljanja: 1.12 ft-lb.
Slobodna brzina: približno 4,000 o / min
Savjet za montažu:
Install the light weight aluminum plate to the face of the motor BEFORE pressing the pinion gear onto the electric motor shaft.
Materijal: kućište je aluminij, osovina je 4140 čelik
Montažne rupe: # 10-32 rupe s urezom (2), na krugu vijka od 2 to za dodavanje na izlaznoj osovini
Vanjska dimenzija: 2.5 in.
Odnos: 3.67: 1
Promjer osovine: 0.313 inča, s utorom od 2 mm
Težina: 0.63 lbs
A planetary transmission system (or Epicyclic system since it can be known), consists normally of a centrally pivoted sunlight gear, a ring gear and several world gears which rotate between these.
This assembly concept explains the term planetary transmission, as the earth gears rotate around sunlight gear as in the astronomical sense the planets rotate around our sun.
The benefit of a planetary transmission depends upon load distribution over multiple planet gears. It really is thereby feasible to transfer high torques utilizing a compact design.
Gear assembly 1 and equipment assembly 2 of the Ever-Power 500/14 possess two selectable sunlight gears. The first gear step of the stepped world gears engages with sunlight gear #1. The second equipment step engages with sun gear #2. With sunlight gear one or two 2 coupled to the axle,or the coupling of sun gear 1 with the ring gear, three ratio variants are achievable with each equipment assembly.
The decision between helical and spur gears in gearboxes may seem straightforward. Proceed with helical gears if you would like the gearbox to run as easily and quietly as feasible. Choose spur gears when you need to maximize the gearbox’s torque density or working life under higher loads.
These rules of thumb are mostly what you ought to know when specifying traditional fixed-axis gearboxes. Simply size the gearbox properly, and the decision between helical and spur gears may also be obvious for confirmed set of application requirements. With planetary gearboxes, however, the choice between helical and spur gears requires some additional thought.
Vijačni zupčanici stvaraju aksijalne sile
As you might expect from their different mesh geometries, spur and helical gears have completely different loading features. With their zero helix position, spur gears lack an axial load component. And they suffer from hardly any sliding tooth contact.
Helical gears, by contrast, generate significant axial forces in the gear mesh. They also exhibit more sliding at the idea of tooth contact, adding friction forces into the mix.
Kutovi zavojnica u mjenjačima obično padaju u rasponu od 15 do 30 stepeni. Kako se položaj povećava, aksijalne sile i klizanje dolaze u dodir s povećanjem.
The primary reason for using helical gears is the increased number of teeth connected at any given time, which really is a fundamental requirement for smooth torque transmission. With their
increased contact ratio in comparison to spur gears, helical gears have a lower fluctuation
krutosti mreže zupčanika.
Spiralni zupčanici postavljaju veću potražnju za ležajevima
Since they don’t need to withstand any axial forces, spur gear bearings perform just a supporting function in the functioning of the gearbox. The bearings simply need to support the rotating equipment shafts, however they do not really play an active function in torque transfer.
The presence of axial forces makes things very different for the bearings that support helical gears. But it is important to make a distinction between fixed-axis and planetary gearboxes. In fixed-axis gearboxes, the excess axial forces total little more than an inconvenience. Gearbox designers will often upsize the bearings to support the additional forces.
Or, in acute cases, they may select angular get in touch with or tapered roller bearings, both which are created to withstand axial loads.
Space restrictions within planetary gearboxes mean that the earth gear bearings should be chosen more for his or her size than their tolerance for high axial loads.
In planetary gearboxes, however, it’s a lot more difficult to design around these axial forces for two related reasons. First, there is typically hardly any room in a planetarni prenosnik to incorporate the kind of bulky bearings that may tolerate high axial forces.
Second, the earth gear bearings need to play an active function in torque transfer. Planetary systems split the torque input from the sun gear amongst the earth gears, which in turn transfer torque to a planet carrier linked to the gearbox output. The bearings that support the planets on the carrier have to bear the entire brunt of this torque transfer.
I tu je poteškoća
The limited space within planetary gearboxes implies that the bearings used for the planet gears must be chosen more for his or her size than their tolerance for high axial loads. Generally, compact needle roller bearings are the most typical choice in these configurations.
Needle roller bearings execute a good work with radial loads that are evenly distributed along the space of the needle. However they don’t manage axial loads well.
In planetary systems, the direction of the axial force in the sun-planet mesh opposes that of the force in the planet-band gear mesh. So the world sees significant tilting instant described by the axial push times equipment pitch diameter. This tilting minute produces an uneven load distribution along the needle rollers, drastically decreasing the bearings’ load holding capability and lifecycle.
Loads on the roller bearings will change, depending on their placement around the shaft. Moment is about the Z-axis, and models are in in . and pounds.
Planetarno kretanje MOŽE BITI TEORIJA ZA planetarni prijenosnik.
The Accurately Positioned And Meshed World Gears (3) With The Sun Gear In The Centre And The Internal Teeth Of The Outer Band Gear Compose Each Stage Of A Planetary Gearbox.
The Sun Equipment Gets The Input AS THE 3 Planet Gears SUPPLY THE Ouput WITH A Planet Carrier .
The Torque Handling Capacity Is Very High DUE TO ITS Flexibility , And AN EXTREMELY High Weight /Volume Ratio , Thus It Lends Its App In Various Industries – Specifically In High Torque Requirements Making It The Most Economical Option.
Being A Proud Provider Of Planetary Gearbox, WE OFFER An Excellent Distinguished Service TO YOUR Clientile.
Specifikacije proizvoda planetarnog mjenjača:
Pruža veliki obrtni moment pri malim brzinama.
Naš asortiman reduktora i motora s motorom izrađuje se PREMA standardima Američkog udruženja proizvođača opreme (AGMA).
The Shafts ARE MADE Of Hardened And Tempered Particular Alloy Steel.
Sun And World Gears ARE CONSTRUCTED WITH Case Carburised And Surface Alloy Steel.
Ring Gears ARE MADE Of Forged Alloy Metal.
Najbolje dijeljenje tereta zbog preciznog pozicioniranja planeta.
nizak Noise Levels.
Nema curenja ulja.
Kvalitetni konusni valjkasti ležajevi za uvid i izlazne osovine.
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