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1 Karakteristike performansi
Systematic and modular design;Transmiss­ion ratio with fine stage covers a spiralni crveni zupčanik raznolikost.
High efficiency; Low energy consumption; Superior performance.
High Precision gearwith teeth grinding;Sta­ble transmission; Low noise; Solid bearing capacity; Long Assistance life.
Spretan dizajn: mali volumen; Jednostavna instalacija; Široka upotreba.
Suitable for all types of mounting positions
ES .. i ERF .. spojena kombinacija za posebnu nisku stopu.
2 materijal
Housing: High power cast iron HT250, die casting lumen, decrease the abrasion of parts.
Zupčanici: 20CrMo, karbonitriranje, tvrdoća zuba: HRC 60 nakon brušenja.
Ravne tipke: C45, Površinska tvrdoća: HRC 50.
3 Efikasnost zupčanika
High precision gear; seals; bearings;Effecti­vely reduces friction; Stage efficiency of ge­ar drive gets to 97%.
For some means of installation, the input gear is totally immersed in the lubricant, please consider the churning loss when it comes to big frame size and high input rate .

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