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Ever-power Globoidal pinion manufactured by globoidni crv grinding.

Producing of 3-dimentional CAD types of Globoid gear with different variants of the tooth geometry and linked to different manufacturing processes. Globoid gears and pinions can be produced directly from Ever-power 3-d CAD data files on CNC machines.
Simulation of existing and novel large production value manufacturing processed. Mathematical modeling of the procedure with software development for complete analytical features, such as for example 3-d CAD modeling, tooth get in touch with analyses, driving performance analyses, and tension analyses.
Development of custom design and manufacturing software program for exterior and for imbedded software program products targeted for CNC and other Globoid creation machines.
Obrnuti inženjering, forenzičke analize opreme, koncepti dizajna.
Globoid i druga oprema vezana za unapređenje poslovanja i marketinšku pomoć.
Prilagođena proizvodnja inovativnog i za konkurenciju bitnog intelektualnog vlasništva.

Ever-power features and services with regards to Globoid (Double Enveloping worm) gear:

Ever-power developed a complete program for simulation of the 3-dimentional model and tooth get in touch with of Ultra Globoid Gear

The other good exemplory case of the advantage to use Ever-power methodology is Ultra Globoid Gear advancement which was conducted in 2001 under a contract with New Venture Gear. As the practical test outcomes of the novel Ultra Globoid Equipment design is not disclosed, Ever-power was the principal supplier of the design and analyses software program, which managed to get possible production and validation of the gear.

As well as the improvement of the traveling performance and price reduction Ever-power wormoid steering column design could be smaller sized in packaging. Because of the skew axis the electric powered motor can be placed closer to the center of the steering column.

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