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Our system gives you a complete program solution for many fields of functions, such as for example cable drag chains, guideline molds, leads, strain relief, and assembling. Our chains have got proven their quality and Povucite lanac Kina longevity under intense continuous loads and environmental influences. Our chains systems are quickly deliver-able at reasonable prices.
If you have any further questions concerning special fields of operations, please do not hesitate to contact our engineers for detailed information.
Brzo odaberite najprikladniji lanac povlačenja kablova za aplikaciju
User friendly configuration of mounting elements such as separators, shelves, chain end brackets and strain relief
Automatsko generiranje dubinske liste dijelova za lanac povlačenja kabela
Automatska generacija 3D-CAD modela pomoću direktnog interfejsa sa Cadenasom
Spremanje i učitavanje vaših konfiguracija
Intuitive interface / user friendliness

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